[oi-dev] Tasks to focus on

[email protected] stes at telenet.be
Sun Jan 24 10:56:15 UTC 2021

> I use here the openCSW package, a little bit matured bu it works

But the openCSW package, is it getting updates that are automatically updated then;
within an OpenIndiana "pkg update" if one updates the OpenIndiana system ?

There may be solutions (somebody suggested to simply compile texlive from source on OpenIndiana,
which presumably is also the most straightforward way that the texlive developers also would like to see).

But on the other hand from the OI perspective, a :

   pkg install texlive

without a need to define additional publishers would be nice,
and would also be useful to be able to upgrade TeX or texlive within OI updates.

Such a project may be easy for experienced packagers, I don't know.

Maybe on "github" there is something (github actions ?) to collect such projects or ideas,
or tasks to work on, and then people who want to contribute and work on something could react on github.

Aurélien :  instead of emailing the "Tasks to focus on"  why not create github projects or actions for each of those ideas ?

I think that the skills of Gary Mills (C language and Perl) would be or could be a good match for something like texlive,
which involves mostly command line.

David Stes

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