[oi-dev] texlive package

[email protected] stes at telenet.be
Thu Jan 28 16:50:42 UTC 2021

The use of the TLMGR and TL package manager, may perhaps not be incompatible with IPS.

I've added a pull request on github for a 'texlive' package:

NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION                    IFO
meta-packages/texlive (userland)                  1.0-2020.0.1.1             i--

After installing that, you get the TeX live scripts to install TeX live:

# pkg contents texlive

Then to run "perl install-tl" it installs the TeX live system,
which offers choices:

 a [ ] full scheme (everything)
 b [ ] medium scheme (small + more packages and languages)
 c [ ] small scheme (basic + xetex, metapost, a few languages)
 d [ ] basic scheme (plain and latex)
 e [X] minimal scheme (plain only)
 f [ ] ConTeXt scheme
 g [ ] GUST TeX Live scheme
 h [ ] infrastructure-only scheme (no TeX at all)
 i [ ] teTeX scheme (more than medium, but nowhere near full)
 j [ ] custom selection of collections

For the basic scheme it uses about 287 MB and for the minimal scheme 79.4 MB.

The TeX distribution needs  TLMGR (which is included) to be upgraded/maintained.

And it may be possible to provide pre-packaged TeX distributions through IPS,
(for the various schemes above) that can be maintained with TLMGR as well.

David Stes

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