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Paul Johnston paul.a.johnston at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Nov 1 09:41:56 UTC 2010

Apologies for starting all this but!

It sort of makes me think when an organisation/company says "Our best
asset is out people!", how can you buy that company/asset and more
importantly how can you put a value on it?
Like a football team over here how much would you spend buying Liverpool
if Gerrard, Torres and Reina can simply see out their contracts and
Yes companies have assets, service agreements, buildings, even a good
name and order books but in a world where you are only as good as the
last thing you did, the money spent buying Sun does seem rather unusual!
Interesting that most of the names below seem to have gone to "smaller
outfits" (non-derogatory term)!
Not sure any have gone to IBM, Microsoft, HP or even Google!
Is small truly beautiful now?

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  On 11/01/10 01:41, Michael wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 07:07, Edward Martinez<mindbender_1 at live.com>
>>   On 10/31/10 02:54, Paul Johnston wrote:
>>> . Each discussion is led by a Solaris engineering or technical
>>   Whatever is left, they already lost their top devs,
> maybe the people who are left aren't the "stars" you've come to
> revere, but there's tons of top grade engineers left in the Solaris
> organisation, and you'd do well not to belittle their efforts.
> Michael
     I'm sure the remaining  are top grade engineers, but   the 
following  are  the names of the   people that have already left oracle 
and they the ones that  invented
      many of solaris 10 and beyond tech: SMF,Dtrace,ZFS,etc

       Ian Murdock
       Tim Bray
       Simon Phipps
       Garrett D'Amore
       Bryan Cantrill
       Adam Leventhal
       Jeff Bonwick
       Michael W. Shapiro
       Bill Moore
       Brenden Gregg

       I don't know if the other devs have the skills to invent 
something like: ZFS,dtrace,etc, because i don't know who they are
       their names  don't stand out like these devs did, when they were 
at sun/oracle:-)


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