[OpenIndiana-discuss] Linker problem

Guido Berhoerster gber at openindiana.org
Thu Nov 4 21:16:29 UTC 2010

* Paul Johnston <Paul.A.Johnston at manchester.ac.uk> [2010-11-04 20:52]:
> >>paulj at openindiana:~/Downloads/otp_src_R14B$ which ld
> >>/usr/gnu/bin/ld
> >>
> >>Err what next, do I need the "Sun CC"?
> >>Long time since I did a very small amount of C programming!
> >Just change your PATH to put /usr/ccs/bin in front of /usr/gnu/bin, eg:
> >
> >PATH=/usr/ccs/bin:$PATH
> >


> Magic, works a treat!
> Now for couchdb :-)

Actually that is not necessary, just get rid of /usr/gnu/bin in
your PATH, /usr/ccs/bin nowadays only contains symlinks to

Guido Berhoerster

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