[OpenIndiana-discuss] Longterm Support? And Oracle Java legal to use on OpenIndiana?

Rthoreau r7h0re4 at att.net
Thu Nov 4 16:17:52 UTC 2010

My take on it is you are as safe as the folks for openJDK, if they go
after openJDK then you might have a real problem. If that happens you
have companies like IBM and others probably bringing out patent clubs
and going into cross license deals. I agree it would be hard to disagree
with Gosling, but I would not fear it at the moment. If Oracle goes
after Harmony, and Apache then my fear factor might jump a few notches
but at the moment I would not worry about it especially if people are
using it under BSD's and Linux.

At the moment I haven't seen any slowdown of uptake of openJDK, or
Apache Harmony or the other Open Source applications, be it AMP, LAMP or
other white box data center configurations. Like they say more than one
duck in those waters, but the Google Android case will be the real bell
weather if it goes bad for Google then and only then would I be looking
for another option.  That might take years just look at SCO, as far as I
am concerned full speed ahead.


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