[OpenIndiana-discuss] I figured this deserved a separate thread

Kevin J. Woolley kjw at javabunny.net
Thu Nov 4 21:42:24 UTC 2010

On Thursday, 4 November, 2010 14:38, "Frank Middleton" <f.middleton at apogeect.com> said:

> at least now with ZFS - no more fsck). RHel, Fedora, Ubuntu, and
> MSxxxxx are much more likely to fail - a few weeks of uptime is
> enough to merit a celebration. I can't vouch for BSD but I doubt

Speak for yourself -- the only times I have to reboot are for kernel upgrades.  Those don't happen too often (save for recently, with some issues needing patches) -- I regularly have machines with six-month and better uptimes.

Solaris is a great OS.  It doesn't need people pissing on everyone else's to be good.


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