[OpenIndiana-discuss] cryptic device naming?

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk roy at karlsbakk.net
Fri Nov 5 21:41:39 UTC 2010

> You've _got_ cXtYdZ naming - it's just that the (Y) part is
> based on the target-port name property, which is generated
> from the device devid (closely related to the GUID).
> With your hba, which is using mpt_sas, you have MPxIO on by
> default, which is the direction that ON has been heading in
> for many years. 

Is it possible to turn mpxio off without ruining the rpool? Also, may this help me get around the problem with identifying the drives?

> You should be able to see useful information by running
> # cfgadm -lav
> eg,
> Ap_Id Receptacle Occupant Condition Information
> When Type Busy Phys_Id
> c3 connected configured unknown
> unavailable scsi-sas n
> /devices/pci at 0,0/pci10de,376 at a/pci1000,3150 at 0:scsi
> c3::0,0 connected configured unknown Client Device:
> /dev/dsk/c5t5000CCA00510A7CCd0s0(sd37)

I tried that, and I got some of the same results. However, the sdXX doesn't mape to the device port, but seem to map to some (to me) random drive.

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