[OpenIndiana-discuss] Subpixel Patches

Dustin Marquess dmarquess at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 05:14:57 UTC 2010


Sorry in advance if this more of an IllumOS question, but I don't think it is.

As somebody who sits and stares at an LCD all day long, I have a
nitpick for fonts looking good.  This has been one area that for me,
all *IXs have been falling flat on.

In my quest, I found the following site:


They offer patches for freetype, cairo, and libXft that make fonts
awesome.  Back in the OpenSolaris days, when I was attempting to move
my work laptop over, I managed to get freetype patched, but I always
had problems finding the correct cairo & libXft sources to

Before I attempt again, is there any decent reason why these patches
shouldn't be in IllumOS/OpenIndiana proper?

I went through all of the SRPMs and pulled out the font patches and
put them @ http://www.cmsnoc.com/font/ to make it easier to dig


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