[OpenIndiana-discuss] [osol-discuss] Can this scenario be accomplished?

Sean sean at ttys0.net
Thu Nov 11 01:18:10 UTC 2010

> Would the newly installed OS recognize the data and zpool/zfs
> structures enough to retrieve the data or copy it over.
> Like if you made this external disk a zpool, would it just be erased
> or would the OS see the data and file structure?

You just need to import the zpool(s). If there is someplace on the
network where you can copy the data to, there isn't even a need to
install OpenSolaris/Indiana, you can just boot up from the LiveCD and
go from there.

It would be a good idea to first experiment with the procedure before
trying it out on your real drives, gather up a few USB thumbdrives and
do the same operations. Once you're confident that your procedure is
good, then carry on with the real drives.


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