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Kyle McDonald kmcdonald at egenera.com
Tue Nov 16 19:13:17 UTC 2010

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On 11/16/2010 1:39 PM, Daniel Kjar wrote:
> They said nothing about snooping but they did use a much nicer
> euphemism...
> " or for any commercial production purposes, you must obtain a
> valid license permitting such use. We may audit your use of the
> Programs. "
To a big company like Oracle, 'Audit' means sending teams of lawyers
and auditors into your buildings to count the machines it's installed
on and check the use in person. It's expensive, and probably only
going to happen if they think they're really losing a large amount of
licensing fees.


> On 11/16/10 01:25 PM, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>> Gabriel de la Cruz wrote:
>>> Just for curiosity, how does Oracle check what kind of use you
>>> make of an operating system? In order to evaluate third party
>>> communications or private information this information should
>>> be already public (what means, the information should not be
>>> private at all). Otherwise they don't have the right to read a
>>> single packet of data. I dont think there is a way to consider
>>> any data hosted in an OS as a publicly shared source of
>>> information... and no communication behind a password is
>>> public. Testing and demonstration are not required to be public
>>> actions either.. as they could be handling very sensitive
>>> information. How are they tracking the computer's activity?
>> Who said anything about snooping on your data or communications
>> to verify the use? Try turning down the paranoia level a little
>> bit - it's just a EULA.
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