[OpenIndiana-discuss] Solaris 11 Express available

Rthoreau r7h0re4 at att.net
Wed Nov 17 20:34:52 UTC 2010

Frank Middleton <f.middleton at apogeect.com> writes:

> On 11/16/10 20:08, Tom Kranz wrote:
> If you start with snv134b as the base, you can obviously update to
> Solaris Express, being careful not to change the version of any pools.
> Then one could roll back to snv134b and install OI when it becomes
> available. However you'd lose any changes to the root pool in the
> interim, so I was wondering if it would be feasible to do a sort of
> sideways "update" to OI from Solaris Express 2010.11.
> Answering my own question, it would seem to be quite unlikely from
> what I've read unless Oracle releases the sources for snv151a. We'll
> simply have to keep careful notes on root pool changes :-).
> Thanks -- Frank

That's what I was thinking as well we would all love to use the new
features. I would not have any problem running OS11e as a guest in a
VM but darn I want those zfs features.  Having them as a base would be great, but like others I am
still a little concerned about the robustness of ZFS encryption.

To me this is kind of like a beta test to see if anything breaks so they can
fix it for Oracle Solaris 11. Oh I can pay for help in trouble shooting
my encryption problems and get support that you pay for and Oh by the
way aren't we so nice to give you an early production ZFS feature.

Like this and other threads I feel kind of sorry for the employee's who
are really good people but have to toe a policy they inherited or have
little say in it's deployment.  I would not blame them one bit if they
avoided groups like this and threads that open fresh moral scars they
might be wrestling with.

I have always been perplexed by the behavior of some companies, after
all what percentage of sales would they loose if they had decided to
work with the community? Are some companies so afraid that they feel
they must squash every little company in the quest of greater control, or
market share?

If I was Oracle and wanted to squash say Illumos, or OpenIndiana or
any OpenSolaris derivative I would cater to the community and make code
drops and have a liberal license.  That way they really wouldn't have an
excuse to go somewhere else if you keep the developers happy and play
nice once in a while it probably will grow you bottom line in time.

But now I see that in say four or five years Illumos, and OpenIndiana
could really be the drivers of technology. People now are wanting a
choice and Oracle is not giving them what they want.  People are
questioning support contracts customers are unhappy and given a
different solution this could have the opposite effect that Oracle is
trying to accomplish. In the end the real winners might be Linux and
other projects that have a better customer following.

After all do most small business and even some large businesses care
what OS is running application in the cloud? Do you really think they
are that concerned about the file system in use in a cloud server.  As
long as they have 24/7 support and machines are available and users have
access to Face-book most companies probably don't care. Especially when
changing vendors might as simple as loading an image and making a phone

What I am trying to say is Oracle is a day late and a dollar short to
play this type of enterprise strategy, this might of worked 5 or even 7
years ago when Linux was still fighting for the data center. But now
people have options and good ones and trying to force the genie back
into the bottle might be might hard especially when that genie is


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