[OpenIndiana-discuss] new pidgin

Guido Berhoerster gber at openindiana.org
Thu Nov 25 16:42:37 UTC 2010

* Apostolos Syropoulos <asyropoulos at yahoo.com> [2010-11-25 16:52]:
> The pidgin binary that comes with OpenIndiana, and for that matter the binary
> that comes wisth Solaris 11 Express, has version 2.7.2. Unfortunately, one 
> cannot
> use this version for MSN chatting. There is a problem with some certificate and
> this problem is solved by version 2.7.7. My question is this, is the repo 
> updated
> to include the new version and if not how can we "refresh" the repo? BTW, I 

This will be updated when we base our JDS on newer build which
includes a newer version of libpurple, it will definetly not be
updated for oi_148 since it has already been built.

> have compiled the new version of pidgin, but I have no idea how to make
> an IPS package, I only know how to make the packages the old way :-(

The JDS consolidation is based on pkgtool, so if you want to
build your own updated package for oi_147 in the meantime, follow
the instructions at http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Building+JDS
For oi_147 the spec-files repo needs to be at tag NEVADA_147 and
the mq_spec-files needs to be switched to branch oi_147a. After
applying the mq patch queue you'd modify and build
SUNWgnome-im-client.spec and not all specs as stated in the

Guido Berhoerster

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