[OpenIndiana-discuss] Bordeaux running on OpenIndiana

niki.waibel at gmx.net niki.waibel at gmx.net
Fri Oct 1 08:57:21 UTC 2010

This is indeed cool. I assume all this is about wine32. Any success with wine64?
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Subject: [OpenIndiana-discuss] Bordeaux running on OpenIndiana
From: Tom Wickline <twickline at gmail.com>
Date: 2010-10-01 10:39

Hello Everyone,

Today I compiled Bordeaux 2.0.8, Wine 1.2 and our other bundled tools (wget,
unzip, cabextract) etc. on OpenIndiana
and was pleasantly surprised how well everything went.

I did run into one problem with the install, after I built Bordeaux I tried
to pfexec the install but it wouldn't
let me install to /opt and I had to chmod /opt so I could write to the
directory. Other then that everything has
been working very good.

Ive only ran a couple test apps so far, UTorrent 2.0.4 (latest release btw)
and Foobar 2000 to test sound.

Over the next couple weeks ill test more apps and some games and if all goes
well I will release Bordeaux
2.0.8 for OpenIndiana before the end of this month.

See : http://www.bordeauxgroup.com/press-release/bordeaux-openindiana for
some screen shots.

If you or a friend needs to run Windows Applications or Games on OpenIndiana
please consider making
a purchase... I really want to support OpenIndiana and have future releases,
but to be honest it boils down
to sales...

In the post at bordeauxgroup.com you will see I have made the offer if we
receive 50 licence sales in the next
month we will prioritise the 3.0 release for OpenIndiana and release here
first. And then release for Linux, Mac
FreeBSD PCBSD later in the release cycle.


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