[OpenIndiana-discuss] Radeon HD 3870 Best Practices?

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Ken, thanks for that. Seems to me I _was_ getting some kind of acceleration from past installs. (Or am I thinking of various gyrations with various flavors of Linux?) 

( Alan, good to see you here. ) Oh, I see. Ok, but by 'basic 2D support', do you mean not even accelerated 2D? Was hoping to get something out of this card, at least, which is currently lookin' a little like overkill! 

And Thanks for the responses, guys. Lou Picciano 

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Lou Picciano wrote: 
> Ken, 
> By way of followup on this Radeon HD 3870 auto-detection question: 
> Am trying yet another fresh install - of oi-dev-147. The Device Driver Utility identifies the card, but assigns driver vgatext: 

The Device Driver Utility shows the kernel level driver, not the Xorg driver. 
vgatext is the kernel driver expected for all video cards other than intel or 
nvidia, at least until someone starts porting DRI drivers for the other cards. 
Since that's not done for the radeon cards, you'll get the basic 2D support 
out of Xorg, but nothing that requires a kernel driver - suspend/resume, 3D 
acceleration, kernel mode setting,etc. 

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