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The current effort must be on the stabilizing of the platform. Gaming support in Linux is poor, how much more for this early release of OpenIndiana. Currently, the folks at gallium3D were able to code Direct3D 10 and 11 support for their graphic drivers. This would mean that Wine can utilize Gallium3D graphic drivers to support native DirectX games i.e., no need to translate DirectX to their OpenGL counterparts. I believe this would accelerate gaming support in Linux as well as on other Unix systems such as Solaris. However, as my limited understanding of Unix systems, the OS was designed for enterprises, gaming support only comes out later and is not the priority. But thanks to the people like those who created Gallium3D, we can have our fingers cross for a while and wait for this gaming support thing to happen. 


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> Gabriel! wrote: 
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> Ahem, can we have MIDI, gameport, analog joystick support please? 

...and at least one game... :-) 

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