[OpenIndiana-discuss] openindiana more popular

Søren Krarup Olesen sko at es.aau.dk
Tue Oct 5 11:20:55 UTC 2010


On 10/ 5/10 12:52 PM, Christopher Chan wrote:
>> If I can now only compile Qt4, then I see no reason to continue with
>> Linux anymore. You guys did a too good job! :-)
> KDE4 and qt4 are both available on OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana....

I see, thanks! Funny, just a few days ago a guy reported (on IRC) that
he finally managed to compile Qt4. Is there someplace one can go to see
what libs have been ported? When I ran the pkg search, there was
nothing about Qt or KDE, but I might have overlooked it of course...


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