[OpenIndiana-discuss] upgrade almost succedeed from b134 to openindiana

solarg solarg87 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 11:43:56 UTC 2010

  hello all,
i've just finish to upgrade my old Sun Ultra20 (not M2) and got this error:
Oct  5 13:26:17 ultra20 genunix: [ID 819705 kern.notice] 
/kernel/drv/amd64/powernow: undefined symbol
Oct  5 13:26:17 ultra20 genunix: [ID 826211 kern.notice]  'x86_feature'
Oct  5 13:26:17 ultra20 genunix: [ID 472681 kern.notice] WARNING: 
mod_load: cannot load module 'powernow'

unfortunately, the lack of this module seems to render my machine very 
very noisy.

Anybody has ever seen this error? powernow doesn't exist in openindiana?

thanks in advance for help,


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