[OpenIndiana-discuss] The name: "OpenIndiana"

McBofh james.c.mcpherson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 12:45:51 UTC 2010

On  6/10/10 10:40 PM, Christopher Chan wrote:
> Alasdair Lumsden wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 1:08 PM, Søren Krarup Olesen <sko at es.aau.dk> wrote:
>>> Yes, I know all that, but I believe that legacy can be carried on in an
>>> elegant way without being influenced by e.g. the Indiana project.
>>> Besides, the term "Open" is more or less superflous these days; people
>>> care about things being open source etc., but it really doens't have to
>>> be part of the name IMHO...not anymore.
>> When I read "OpenIndiana" I read it as the name of a bit of software,
>> and I personally don't feel it has any association with the American
>> state of Indiana.
>> I know anti-american sentiment is quite strong these days thanks to
>> their unilateral approach to foreign affairs, but probably not so
>> great that it puts people off using our distribution :-)
> I loved calling it Indy which seemed to irk certain ones on the osol
>channel. It makes me think of Indiana Jones. My knowledge of USA
>geography  is rather poor...I did not even know there is a state called
>  Indiana. Hats off to the Dane and their world traveling sense. Even
>their Little Mermaid headed off to Shanghai for a stint away from Copenhagen.

"Indy" might get you in trouble with SGI (aka Silicon Graphics, Inc)
because they sold a product with that name.

Gabriel's idea that Oracle might not sell as many licenses for Solaris
as Sun did is rather naive - Oracle makes money. Lots Of Money(tm).

Sun didn't.

Sun wasn't good at selling licenses for Solaris before they started
giving it away and just charging for support instead.

Also, have you ever experienced Oracle sales? It's very convincing.


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