[OpenIndiana-discuss] The name: "OpenIndiana"

Gabriel de la Cruz gabriel.delacruz at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 13:32:44 UTC 2010

As I said earlier, I have no issue with openindiana, and you gave some
nice elegance to the whole thing...

But questioning is never a bad attitude, specially dealing with taste
and meaning. I find no problem in questioning something that I like,
if it could bring some new perspectives out.

I have been teaching computer graphics in the university, designers
and art-students are specially used to badly attack whatever idea
before accepting it. I think questioning a name is a basic thing to
face. I was somehow waiting to see who asks first about the issue.

I accept openindiana, but I would like to help questioning it, not to
convince or be convinced by someone, but for the purpose of analyzing
if we are going in the right direction. Critique is a part in all
creative work, there is nothing evil on it, it goes together.


On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 4:01 PM, Alasdair Lumsden <alasdairrr at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 1:36 PM, Gabriel de la Cruz
> <gabriel.delacruz at gmail.com> wrote:
>> So, your question is a good one... is that name enough to "compete" with them?
> I would have no issue recommending "OpenIndiana" in a board room to a
> bunch of pointy-haired-bosses* - it sounds way more corporate than
> Ubuntu, FreeBSD or CentOS, which I personally think sound "cheap".
> When someone first suggested CentOS to me as an alternative to RHEL, I
> was like "What?!". But over the years CentOS has gained an excellent
> reputation and I have no doubt that installations of it exceed those
> of RHEL significantly.
> Perhaps I'm biased as I essentially chose the name, but I don't see an
> issue with it. The biggest grumbles seemed to come from oldschool
> bearded UNIX types who haven't gotten over /usr/gnu/bin being put at
> the front of their PATH and who view Ian Murdock as the harbinger of
> doom and all things evil.
> The fact is we live in a world where every decent dictionary word is
> in use by somebody, somewhere. *.com, *.net and *.org are taken. Heck,
> in the UK/Europe we have some large banks called Smile and Egg. :-)
> Sometimes you have to make tough choices. Although OpenIndiana is not
> as sexy a name as "Solaris", the fact is, it was available and seemed
> a pretty good choice.
> If your bosses genuinely make business decisions based on trivialities
> such as what something is called, then you probably have bigger
> organisational issues than what OS your servers run :-P
> * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pointy-haired_Boss
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