[OpenIndiana-discuss] openindiana more popular

ken mays maybird1776 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 15:06:32 UTC 2010

The nice thing to know is that OpenIndiana is already popular to those people tracking OpenSolaris.

1. Games

All of the major popular FOSS games were porting to Solaris/OpenSolaris at one time or another. Patches were created work with the libUSB API so that we could enable USB-capable controllers (i.e. joysticks, mice, keyboards).
OpenIndiana features the Nvidia drivers for OpenGL 2.1 conformance which exceeds 98% of the graphic requirements for most open source cross-platform 3D gaming specifications. The Boomer audio framework is a variant of 4Front Technologies Open Sound System (OSS) 4.x audio framework. Most
games using legacy sound APIs should work or require small modifications to use Boomer.

2. A server-focused distribution 

Although seen as a desktop distribution by many people, OpenIndiana is currently a server-focused OS distribution. 

~ Ken Mays


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