[OpenIndiana-discuss] The name: "OpenIndiana"

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Wed Oct 6 17:10:54 UTC 2010

Stefan Müller-Wilken wrote:
> In fact and AFAIK, there _was_ no community other than the persons involved when the name was chosen as this was before official project launch. I'm with you with the nice "horse-out-of-the-barn" picture. The name is there and I'm not sure if changing it would increase our momentum.

The community was those who showed up in person or on IRC for the
hackathon announced in opensolaris-announce, and hung around afterwards.
(I was there in IRC most of the way from the hackathon to announce.)

> The only chance I see is in shortening it a little bit. What about reducing it to 'Indiana'. I don't think that Sun^WOracle has registered that one and would remind a little more of Solaris as a brand, it is catchy and leaves much room for logo design ;-)

And would be a lot harder to find in google searches or register domain
names for.   OpenIndiana is unique, Indiana is very very overloaded.

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