[OpenIndiana-discuss] The name: "OpenIndiana" (part II)

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Sun Oct 10 14:28:24 UTC 2010

At the risk of getting myself moderated/kicked off, I shall continue a 
bit on this thread.

Gabriel de la Cruz wrote:
> Well, I told a few many times that I am ok with openindiana, and there
> is no one trying to change anything we are just exchanging ideas an
> trying to give some new perspectives to the thing. This is a basic
> procedure in all creative process.  This has nothing to do about "my
> distro as I like it" or "your distro as you like it".
> Talking and exchange of opinions should happen out of this kind of
> interventions.

Wait a moment. How do you make the case that you are 'okay' with 
openindiana? This list is about openindiana. Notice the 
openindiana-discuss name. When it has become clear that no one is 
seriously interested in changing the name and then someone asks you to 
drop it, you come back and attack the person. It is obvious then that 
you are not 'okay' with openindiana and you want to pursue the name change.

> What I don't understand is the completely protective attitude. As it
> is counter productive to the project I highlight it, and as it is not
> very polite, I highlight the subject as well.
> If a group of people is bringing ideas on the table, a "could you
> please stop" is not a proper answer.

Protective attitude? What do you want? A totally directionless 
distribution? A group of people bringing ideas on the table? Wow, you 
sure have inflated what was a single person's suggestion to change the 
name. There is no group of people bringing ideas. Even the person who 
made the suggestion has agreed that it is pointless to try to change 
something that had already been decided by those who started this 
project and put way more effort and work than you or I ever have. 
Changing the name of the project to something else has already become 
off topic for this list.

> I have been involved in group collaborations for the last 15 years,
> and to my experience, even if it is seen as childish, requesting to
> stop that kind of attitude is best from the beginning. And talking
> openly, and respecting others is best. Ending subjects kills many
> things, therefore it is negative for the whole cause.

Grow up. The suggestion was shot down on multiple angles with there 
being no single compelling reason to change the name before the call to 
drop this topic. One name change has zero or minimal benefits and this 
has been rightly and respectfully shown the door. Your unfair 
accusations and twisting of "an open development model and full 
community participation" to try to include such a thing as a name change 
in the development of *OpenIndiana* pours doubt over the value of your 
fifteen years of being involved in group collaborations. This list and 
community is for developing OpenIndiana - the successor to the Project 
Indiana legacy.

> BR
> On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 4:15 PM, Christopher Chan
> <christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk> wrote:
>> Gabriel,
>> Grow up. It is pretty clear that few are interested in seeing a name change
>> and I personally like how OpenIndiana connects things back to the roots of
>> Illumos. If you do not like it, you are free to start your own distribution
>> and call it whatever you like.
>> Now if you wanted to contribute packages, had good quality contributions and
>> you are being excluded for some non-technical reason, then you would have a
>> case. Just because James was a bit more direct than others does not mean he
>> is trying to shut you up but is pointing out that this change name thing is
>> concluded.
>> Gabriel de la Cruz wrote:
>>> "OpenIndiana is part of the Illumos Foundation, and provides a true
>>> open source community alternative to Solaris 11 and Solaris 11
>>> Express, with an open development model and full community
>>> participation."
>>> James, shutting up the mouth of others does not fit in that description.
>>> Just wanted to help, and expecting some basic politeness wasn't really
>>> much to ask. Terms such as Open- or community don't really fit such an
>>> attitude.
>>> Good luck
>>> Gab
>>> On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 3:09 PM, Gabriel de la Cruz
>>> <gabriel.delacruz at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Ok, if please don't help. no help then.
>>>> cheers
>>>> On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 2:59 PM, James O'Gorman <james at netinertia.co.uk>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> On 9 Oct 2010, at 17:07, Gabriel de la Cruz wrote:
>>>>>> I like as well other variations such as "Indiana CORE". That will work
>>>>>> if we intend this distro to be the mother-ship distro, and we intend
>>>>>> others to derive from it.
>>>>> Illumos is the "core". We are a distribution of Illumos. Other
>>>>> distributions should also be derived from Illumos, not from us.
>>>>> Can we drop all these name discussions now, please?
>>>>> James

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