[OpenIndiana-discuss] OpenSolaris vs OpenIndiana Benchmarks

Matt Breitbach matt at zfsbuild.com
Tue Oct 12 16:22:47 UTC 2010

New to the list - just wondered if anyone had any input on some of the
benchmarks that I've been running on OpenIndiana vs OpenSolaris.

We tested OpenSolaris b134 vs OpenIndiana b147, and got some interesting
results.  It looks like the random write performance has decreased, but some
of the read operations have increased.  Have there been any significant
changes to ZFS between those builds that would cause the performance shift
we've seen?

Results can be found at

FYI - hardware has remained unchanged throughout our testing process, and
specs can be found here : http://www.zfsbuild.com/category/hardware/

Basic specs -
Chassis - SuperMicro SC846E1-R900B
Motherboard - SuperMicro X8ST3-F
Xeon 5504
2x Intel 32GB X25-E drives (ZIL)
2x Intel 160GB X25-M (cache)
20x WD 1TB RE3 SATA (18x in Mirrored Vdev config, 2x in spare)

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