[OpenIndiana-discuss] USB ports issue

Oscar del Rio delrio at mie.utoronto.ca
Tue Oct 12 16:29:09 UTC 2010

On 10/12/10 11:20 AM, Carlos Almeida wrote:
>  On 10/12/10 04:01 PM, Albert Lee wrote:
>> I would be very interested in helping you work on a fix, although I
>> haven't reproduced the problem locally. The time frame of the bug
>> suggests that this changeset introduced it:
>> http://hg.openindiana.org/onnv-gate/rev/b9f8177eb4e2
>> If you have ideas, let me know; I've filed
>> http://www.illumos.org/issues/336 to track this in Illumos.
> ok, I will look into it, and  on my Dell M4300 is a 100% situation, so 
> if you want I can test anything you need without a problem.

I had the same problem on my Sun Ultra 24 after upgrading from 134 to 
147. No kbd/mouse after leaving the system idle for a while (had to 
reboot every morning). I thought it would be a screensaver problem but 
it continued after disabling it. Resetting power management to defaults 
(pmconfig -r) did not help. The problem went away after disabling power 
management. I have not tried the workaround given in the bug report yet.

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