[OpenIndiana-discuss] Building Applications

Carlos Almeida xtrondo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 16:29:24 UTC 2010

  On 10/19/10 04:43 AM, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Albert Lee wrote:
>> pkg(5) has a as-yet
>> unused "facet" mechanism that would let you filter components of
>> packages to not be installed; for example, development files or
>> documentation.
> While it's not yet widely used, X has bravely stepped forward as
> a test case - you should be able to disable the doc or devel
> facets and see the man pages, headers, etc. from the X consolidation
> disappear.
> Most of the magic in the X build to mark files with their facets is in:
> http://src.opensolaris.org/source/xref/x-cons/xnv-clone/pkg/transforms/facets
> though some packages have them directly in the package manifest as well
> for files that don't match the common patterns.
> More consolidations should be tagging their packages with facets in the
> future.
facets are a very nice pkg(5) feature, however on bad side isn't a case 
of all or nothing ? or I understood it wrong ? e.g,  is possible to 
install package x without doc files, but only package x, leaving system 
image untouched ?.

Carlos Almeida,

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