[OpenIndiana-discuss] Fun Task - Comparing OI packages vs CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu etc

Andrey N. Oktyabrski ano at bestmx.ru
Sat Oct 23 09:05:34 UTC 2010

On 10/23/10 12:24, James O'Gorman wrote:
>> Why not to use pkgsrc?
> Several reasons, the least of which being that pkgsrc requires
> installing its own pkg utilities and therefore not IPS.
But I can download packages, write it on cd/dvd/flash, go to the
place-without-internet and install there.

> I'm on a train at the moment so can't really go into more detail
> but if you want to port pkgsrc to OI, feel free.
It is already ported. I use pkgsrc on OpenSolaris.

Or you mean the convertor from pkgsrc packages to IPS packages? It would 
be interesting task.

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