[OpenIndiana-discuss] Package repositories?

Joachim Pihl joachim.pihl at sensordevelopments.com
Mon Oct 25 05:46:45 UTC 2010

Morning, all!

I installed OpenIndiana a few weeks ago on my home file server, as a  
replacement for an old version of Solaris Community Edition after a bad  
case of on-disk corruption. I figure it is time to set up an MTA and all  
the associated bits + fetchmail.

There are a few different Postfix and Dovecot packages floating around the  
net. The problem is telling which package is going to be maintained. Is  
the Blastwave repository actively maintained, and actually usable? Will  
the OpenIndiana project eventually include packages like the above?

Joachim Pihl
Development engineer
Tlf: +47 913 39 891
Nordre Kullerød 21
NO-3241 Sandefjord

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