[OpenIndiana-discuss] Remaining Work

Alasdair Lumsden alasdairrr at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 01:07:21 UTC 2010

Hi All,

There's just 3 days left to launch, and quite a bit still to do! Here's the list:

== Rebranding Work ==

This is, as far as I know, pretty much complete:

ONNV   - complete (alasdair, bigblackd)
Caiman - complete (alasdair)
pkg    - not needed
XNV    - in progress (yofuh)
SFW    - not needed
JDS    - almost complete, awaiting artwork (gber)
g11n   - unknown 
vpanels - Unknown

We have the final logo now available here:


If someone could investigate g11n/vpanels branding requirements that would be super-awesome. I think someone looked into vpanels (yofuh, was it you?).

== Build Work ==

ONNV   - complete (alasdair) (However requires testing)
Caiman - todo (alasdair)
pkg    - complete (flag day complication, pkg.depotd format has changed in 147)
XNV    - unknown (yofuh)
SFW    - complete (unknown)
JDS    - in progress (gber)
g11n   - unknown
vpanels - unknown, optional
solaris_re - Was in progress by storkone, he is however now MIA

I'm pretty sure g11n is important, so please can someone step up to do this. It's possible Yofuh was looking into it/attempting to build it, but my memory is quite bad.

storkone - are you still around? Last seen around 1 week ago. solaris_re basically requires 2 or 3 tiny packages made which populate /etc/release and a few other bits n pieces.

I'm not sure who built SFW, but the packages are sat on pkgdev under storage/data/export/completed-builds/147/sfw. Could the person who built this please step forward? :D

Caiman should hopefully be okay, if my patches don't break it. You can see the patch set here:


I'll attempt a build tomorrow.

PKG is built. I have a build, but there is also one already on pkgdev at storage/data/export/completed-builds/147/pkg5-nightly - again I don't know who built this, please let me know if it was you.

Yofuh is hopefully going to get XNV built for us. Remember to install the agpgart headers yofuh!

JDS is the biggest threat to the project, but my understanding is that gber has been making good progress.

If someone could step forward to do vpanels that would be handy.

== Distro Import ==

If possible I would like as many of the consolidations as possible delivered to pkgdev under /storage/data/export/completed-builds/147/ by the *end of Saturday* so Sunday can be distro-import/distro-construct day. I know this might not be possible for JDS but it's important to try.

If you have used distro-import, please respond. Aszeszo is away on holiday at the moment so we might need to get familiar with this tool at very short notice.

== Ancillary work ==

We now have a production PKG server zone set up, thanks to jamesog: http://pkg.openindiana.org/ - 134 is now present under /legacy

We'll get our /dev branch set up, and /stable can remain empty until such a time as we have a stable branch.

I'm going to front pkg.openindiana.org with a CDN (Content Delivery Network - we (EveryCity) use CDNetworks) so the pkg server doesn't get killed when we announce the address.

We still need to get a download site set up, eg dlc.openindiana.org, but that should be trivial. I'll get that done tomorrow. This will have the ISO downloads on it. Again I'll get this fronted by a CDN.

== Streaming / WebCasting ==

We're still needing a solution for doing the streaming / webcasting of the event. Illumos used 	GoToMeeting but its $500 for 1000 attendees. One option is ustream.tv but that's a bit shit.

Urgently need to get this sorted - suggestions anyone? If you know someone who has done this sort of thing before, please give them a prod asap.

== Final Words ==

We're almost there! One final push this weekend should get us there - if you can escape your families/day jobs and assist this weekend it would be very very much appreciated so we can make this launch date on Tuesday :-)

Also let me know if I've missed anything...

Hopefully speak to you all soon!



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