[OpenIndiana-discuss] Community contributed packages

Julian Wiesener jw at vtoc.de
Wed Sep 15 06:22:55 UTC 2010

Hello Ian,

On 09/15/10 05:45 AM, Ian Collins wrote:
> Has a process for this been thought through yet?

we have no defined process yet, as we have not decided which build 
processes we'll use for our own and contributed packages. An BSD Ports 
adaption for oi/ips will and pkgbuild may be available.

It would be nice if you, as well as anyone who want to contribute 
packages, can send infomrations which build process is prefered and how 
many packages she/he like to maintain. Also it would be good to know 
which of the above buils systems could be used if favorite build system 
is not available.


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