[OpenIndiana-discuss] Upgrade from b134: few packages get updated

Alex Viskovatoff viskovatoff at imap.cc
Thu Sep 16 18:58:04 UTC 2010


Have you installed packages from any repositories other than
opensolaris.org and extra? I've installed packages from those and also
from contrib, bionicmutton, and jucrpending.

If it's a package(s) that is causing this problem, I imagine one should
first consider packages from non-standard repositories as the possible

Still, I wish I knew of a way to get debug info about what is going on.


On Thu, 2010-09-16 at 16:13 +0000, Ron Dawson wrote:
> Yes, I have been observing this same problem as well.   I was only getting a
> very small subset of OI to update after doing the 'uninstall entire'
> (essentially just some Gnome/locale stuff).  I also went back to 133, moved
> it up to 134 and that didn't work (same problem).  I'd only get 36
> packages/54 MBytes.
> Finally late yesterday evening I went back to OS 132, moved it up to OS 134,
> and then tried to move that up to OI 147.  That appeared to be working much
> better (it was pulling down a much larger package list) but it eventually
> crashed pulling down a firefox component.  I'm not sure if that is related
> to the thunderbird problem others have reported of it was just server
> issues.  Will have to try again.

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