[OpenIndiana-discuss] Manual pages

Cyril Plisko cyril.plisko at mountall.com
Fri Sep 17 02:37:58 UTC 2010


I just notice that (on freshly upgraded system) system/manual package
still comes from opensolaris.org:

hellride:~$ pkg info -r system/manual
          Name: system/manual
       Summary: On-Line Manual Pages
   Description: System Reference Manual Pages
      Category: System/Text Tools
         State: Installed
     Publisher: opensolaris.org
       Version: 0.5.11
 Build Release: 5.11
        Branch: 0.134
Packaging Date: March  2, 2010 06:51:40 AM
          Size: 33.43 MB

Than means that documentation is frozen at the snv_134 level and
doesn't reflect the current system anymore.
Any ideas what can be done WRT manual pages ?
If I remember correctly the documentation consolidation drops were
irregular and stopped some time (a year ?) ago.


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