[OpenIndiana-discuss] Should http://wiki.openindiana.org/ point to TWiki?

Stefan Müller-Wilken stefan.mueller-wilken at acando.de
Fri Sep 17 04:45:28 UTC 2010

I think you are being extremely unfair here! We are two days into the
project and Alasdair & co. are doing a terrific job, if you ask me. It
is a huge task to get such a project off the ground and, talking about
minor flaws, have you ever noticed how M$ or Apple or any other
fortune 500 has to publish bug fixes right after major releases? I bet
they have more 'volunteers' on their memberlist than OI has...

Apart from that: always a little questionable to loudly complain about
things, say how others are doing it so much better and then be off
because of being sooo busy at the moment. It is exactly this attitude
that communities *don't* need! Online as well as real world...

So, again, great job, team, just ignore the noise!


Am 17.09.2010 um 01:59 schrieb "Edward Martinez"
<mindbender_1 at live.com>:

>  On 09/16/10 16:24, Gary Mills wrote:
>> I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the Support->Wiki menu
>> item on http://openindiana.org/ brings you to
>> http://wiki.openindiana.org/, the front page of a TWiki service.  It
>> appears to be empty.  I need to add port 8080 to get the Atlassian
>> Confluence wiki.  Once there, the links work.
>      With little flaws like the upgrading bug, no roadmap,etc might
> give  the companies running CentOS and Ubuntu the impression
> OpenIndiana
> is is being run by people without experience running a project, in the
> words of oracle- a science project, and will be seen as a "hobbyist"
> OS,  companies will mostly stay with CentOS,etc,  since  BTRFS is
> improving,and will become standard in linux later on.  I think
> OpenIndiana has to start acting like a professional project  (i.e.
> .FreeBSD, OpenBSD) if it plans to be a direct drop in for opensolaris,
> ubuntu and centos users.    I would lend a hand but i have my mind
> busy
> with other stuff(algebra,calculus,gentoo,etc).
> Regards
> Edward
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