[OpenIndiana-discuss] Suspend/Resume doesn't work for me anymore

Ewald Ertl ewald.ertl at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 07:57:18 UTC 2010


I upgraded from Build 134 to OpenIndiana. Yesterday I suspended my laptop
which seems to be
successful. The power turned of and the power button flashed as usual.

Today I pushed the power button, the system started to awake. A small dash
flashed on the screen for some time
and after this, the system rebooted.

Here are the log entries from /var/adm/messages

Sep 16 18:41:13 solewer sendmail[9761]: [ID 801593 mail.crit]
o8GGZCIX009674: SYSERR(root): Cannot bind to map mail.aliases in domain
hartter: no such map in server's domain: Resource temporarily unavailable
Sep 16 18:41:19 solewer genunix: [ID 535284 kern.notice] System is being
Sep 17 08:02:49 solewer genunix: [ID 429879 kern.notice] ^MOpenIndiana Build
oi_147 64-bit
Sep 17 08:02:49 solewer genunix: [ID 107366 kern.notice] SunOS Release 5.11
- Copyright 1983-2010 Oracle and/or its affiliates.
Sep 17 08:02:49 solewer genunix: [ID 864463 kern.notice] All rights
reserved. Use is subject to license terms.
Sep 17 08:02:49 solewer unix: [ID 223955 kern.info] x86_feature: lgpg

Before upgrading with OpenIndiana, I attempted to build Illumos and
therefore had Build 145 running and
there the resume worked for me.

Has anybody else problems with suspend/resume?

My hardware is:

System Configuration: FUJITSU SIEMENS CELSIUS H270
BIOS Configuration: Phoenix Z118D4FR.113 - R081 - 4807 12/11/2009


P.S.: Thanks for continuing the distribution.

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