[OpenIndiana-discuss] open64 as a replacement for Sun Studio?

Ian Collins ian at ianshome.com
Fri Sep 17 08:37:48 UTC 2010

On 09/17/10 08:32 PM, Mads Worsøe Petersen wrote:
> 2010/9/17 Ian Collins<ian at ianshome.com>
>> On 09/17/10 06:56 PM, Tak Pui Lou wrote
>>> I have been thinking about the comments on performance impact of moving to
>>> gcc. Would open64 be a better choice in terms of performance?
>> There's no good reason to move away from cc.  gcc will always be there as a
>> fall back.
> A good reason could be the license (GPLv3). I prefer a shift to LLVM/CLANG
> like FreeBSD.
What has the license got to do with the compiler?

Any new project has better things to focus on than porting to a new 


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