[OpenIndiana-discuss] chash failure pkg:/gnome/accessibility/gnome-a11y-libs

Christian Gall cg at cgall.de
Fri Sep 17 23:47:16 UTC 2010


during pkg image-update I get a chash failue:

  DOWNLOAD                                  PKGS       FILES    XFER (MB)
  gnome/accessibility/gnome-a11y-libs    851/1446 23313/41489  358.3/563.2  
  Errors were encountered while attempting to retrieve package or file data for
  the requested operation.
  Details follow:
  Invalid content path usr/share/lib/freetts/cmu_us_kal.jar: chash failure: expected: 9ea5b1739210067b2456d910bdd6a0a016c065f9 computed: 01ec81b3b47c986c4e9118681fc087d689d9f50a. (happened 4 times)

  $ pkg contents -rm pkg:/gnome/accessibility/gnome-a11y-libs at 0.5.11-0.147|grep 9ea5b1739210067b2456d910bdd6a0a016c065f9
  file e6ad09c26e2b29cba608287dc469b482893d4a3e chash=9ea5b1739210067b2456d910bdd6a0a016c065f9 group=bin mode=0644 owner=root path=usr/share/lib/freetts/cmu_us_kal.jar pkg.csize=4898949 pkg.size=4897794

Maybe someone can flush the CDN or point out my failure... :-)


Kind regards,


Well you know, C isn't that hard, for example, void (*(*f[])())()
defines f as an array of unspecified size, of pointers to functions that
return pointers to functions that return void... I think

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