[OpenIndiana-discuss] Gnome panel irresponsive after login

Bruno Damour llama at ruomad.net
Sat Sep 18 12:36:55 UTC 2010

  Le 16/09/10 17:38, ken mays a écrit :
> Bruno,
> I'll research this a bit for tracking purposes. Feel free to post over at desktop-discuss for review by the JDS team (and file through bugs.opensolaris).
> ~ Kecuss
After some research, I have narrowed the problem which seems only 
related to avant-window navigator (dock)
The panel I said was "irresponsive" is situated at the bottom of desktop.

AWN does somehow inhibit response from clicks on a large zone at the 
bottom of screen (except AWN itself). More precisely, it must be about 
60px in height and the whole widdth of screen, which means anything 
(even normal windows) in this zone is irresponsive.

However new panels seem to be created "over" that somehow so that at 
first they seem responsive, but "disappear" after first use of AWN 
(first click).

Any idea of who might be concerned by this (small but annoying) bug 
(wasn't there in snv_134) ?


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