[OpenIndiana-discuss] FAO OpenIndiana devs using dev boxes

Alasdair Lumsden alasdairrr at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 20:57:07 UTC 2010

Great - sounds like there are a few here who can help with the setup.

The setup for kerberos/ldap would be very very small - no high availability/replication needed.

I have some Dell servers arriving this week (hopefully, if our supplier actually ever sends them). Infrastructure wise I'm hoping to have:

1. "Infrastructure Server" - Dell R410, 32GB Ram, 2xE5520 CPUs, 4x300GB SAS

Used for serving dlc.openindiana.org, pkg.openindiana.org, the mailing lists, the website, the wiki, LDAP/Kerberos server, AI server, etc.

2. Fast Build Server - Dell R410, 32GB Ram, 2xE5640 CPUs, 2 x 90GB OCZ Vertex SSD Disks

Used for building OpenIndiana quickly. Will be rebuilt on a regular basis from the AI server on the infrastructure box. Zones will be used for each consolidation.

3. xVM Server - Dell R410, 32GB Ram, 2xE5520, 4x300GB SAS

This will have 7 xVM "dev" guests on it, which people can book out for use.

4. Sun T1000 Ultrasparc T1, very kindly donated by Tom Kranz!

This will be used for doing SPARC builds, similar to the fast build server.

So hopefully that should cover most of the projects needs for development work! :-)



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