[OpenIndiana-discuss] JDS Nevada b150 - gate starting to close!

ken mays maybird1776 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 02:07:31 UTC 2010


The gate is closing for JDS Nevada build 150 in preparation for a SourceJuicer-based JDS build. Here are the new improvements so far to expect:

- License modifications for Oracle rebranding.
- accessibility screen reader functionality improvements to GDM first time login.
- Gnome mag display issue fixed on Sunray.
- Fix bug-buddy popups when using sticky notes. 
- Improved dbus-glib.
- Fixed issue with LDAP_OPT_SSL is not supported in sun ldap
- Updated gimp to 2.6.10
- Updated thunderbird to 3.1.2
- Mousetweaks improved
- Fix canberra so that it honors AUDIODEV and also checks the
          gnome-volume-control setting to use the correct device when
          playing system sounds.
- Updates to gobjects
- Updated pyyaml to 3.0.9
- Removed obsoleted modules
- Add patch to fix GNOME bugzilla bug #629713, CR #6985185.  This usability fix adds a dialog if the user is asked to enter a new password because their password has expired to help explain to the user what they need to do.
- Improvements to the first time login helper so that it better supports a11y.
- Updated nwan-manager to 1.146.0

1. Reviewing Firefox 3.6.10. Seeing if it'll make it into the final gate close of JDS build 150.

2. rtmp http tunneling is broken for firefox + flash on

3. optimal video playback with Flash 10.1 using Intel GMA graphic chips.

~ Ken Mays


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