[OpenIndiana-discuss] Userland questions?

Gary Driggs gdriggs at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 13:16:35 UTC 2010

On Sep 20, 2010, Michael Kerpan wrote:

> Also, is OpenIndiana planning on sticking with GNOME or are they
> going to be looking at moving to something a bit lighter?

It's currently the "Java desktop" flavor of GNOME that's been around for seven or so years now inspired, IIRC, by a preview of GNOME 1.4 on a Solaris 8 CD. But others have confirmed that the KDE packages for Solaris install & work just as well. 

Xfce.org says Solaris is an official target & I'm seeing lots of older pkgs for both x86 & SPARC but nothing newer than 2007. But it looks as if some spec files were issued for LXDE so it might be the easier of the two to get installed... http://wiki.lxde.org/en/OpenSolaris

q.v. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenSolaris_Desktop for more background.


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