[OpenIndiana-discuss] Error 206 trying to install Open Office

Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Thu Sep 23 18:08:29 UTC 2010

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On 23/09/10 19:58, Gary wrote:
> Yes, I'm quite familiar with the 206 HTTP status code -- it's also
> common to see them when using download managers that pipeline multiple
> chunks of a file at the same time then reconstruct them on the client
> side. But this is a stock install of OpenIndiana -- all I've done is
> log in, added a repository, and tried to install... with failures on
> the same three packages and the ability to install several others
> without error. So if it were a problem with my client then one would
> expect it to fail on all packages not just 3 specific packages. For
> example, I can install jdk64 but not jdk and gcc-3 but not gcc-43. Go
> figure.

You have problems with the downloads that failed for any reason (network
timeout, for instance), and when you retry, your downloader is doing a
partial request but not processing the answer correctly. Bug in the

The files you could download were files that didn't fail during their
first download.

Delete the partial downloads and try again. And file a bug!.

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