[OpenIndiana-discuss] Error 206 trying to install Open Office

Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Thu Sep 23 20:33:05 UTC 2010

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On 23/09/10 22:00, Gary wrote:
> Also,
> when running truss as suggested in the other thread, I found a
> reference to /var/pkg/download/incoming-3822/ that doesn't even exist.
> Hrm... I can't seem to find where to file bugs for OpenIndiana but I'd
> be glad to compile all my data in to a report if pointed in the right
> direction. Thanks for everyone's feedback on this.

I am not an openindiana user yet, so I can not test it directly, but
when using truss, be sure you are monitoring the process and its children.

If the connection is done via HTTP (not encrypted), you could "snoop" it
and check that the request is actually requesting a "range". Then we
could be sure that the "partial reply" is correct, so must be a bug in
the download client.

You could use "find" to detect the files modified in the last X hours,
so maybe you can find the cache/partial file this way.

If you are still not able to isolate the file, give me a STEP BY STEP
procedure to reproduce the problem, and I will try inside a virtual
machine. Remember I am a Solaris 10 user, not OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana,
so I need to know every command I must type.

I guess anybody could reproduce this if they abort abruptly (let's say,
sudden poweroff, with a "sync" just before) a long download and then try
to download again.

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