[OpenIndiana-discuss] XEN and Crossbow

hojnik at virtualizing.org hojnik at virtualizing.org
Fri Sep 24 04:24:26 UTC 2010

Hello Community 

At first a big congratolation about this project! I

will hope that it will be alive for many years and i hope it will helps me.

So I can helps the Project. 

I have heard they is currently no XEN (xVM

Server) and Crossbow inside. I have bought me new Servers and currently i

am learning FreeBSD. But OpenIndia could meets my requests more. Something

like a OpenSource ESXi with a powerfull Filesystem, a Hypervisor and a

shipped virtual Switch I would get so much. I plan to deploy the boxes on

December this year. They will be ported XEN and Crossbow in this time? I

would be very nice for me:) 

And does the project needs some resources? I

am a Startup and have not very much money. But I can offer Webspace, Ftp

Space and bandwidth to host some stuff. 

best regards 

Darko Hojnik

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