[OpenIndiana-discuss] XEN and Crossbow

Kent Watsen kent at watsen.net
Sat Sep 25 13:35:46 UTC 2010

[resending - originally sent this mail last night, but I don't see it 
posted yet]

On 9/24/10 5:06 PM, Stefan Müller-Wilken wrote:
> Guys,
> just curious: what would you expect how complicated porting Xen to OpenIndiana would be? Suitable for a Summer of Code student? Or more a multi-month project for a team of seasoned kernel developers? And then: what is it one has to build upon? Is xVM completely CDDLed? Or not at all and you'd have to start from scratch?

I wrote Garrett about this earlier this week.  It seems that the 
starting point would be to follow this guide 
and see what happens.  The link says the mercurial gate for xVM is 
800-900 MB, Garrett said this is because it contains the entire ON tree 
(this would be osol ON, not illumos ON).  I'm hoping that it's just some 
copy-on-write branching magic in mercurial!  While the compilation is 
going on, it would probably be good to review the code history for the 
xvm gate - to identify the specific set of files that were patched and 
how.  Garrett said it's unlikely the current xvm bits would work on 
Illumos as there have been some changes to e.g. interrupt routing, that 
is likely to be incompatible with xvm.


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