[OpenIndiana-discuss] Old Issue - Adaptec 7899

Attila Fülöp atf at gesindel.org
Tue Mar 1 13:25:08 UTC 2011




On 02/28/11 06:39 PM, lleo wrote:
>  I have read up on the previous posts about copying cadp160 and sunwadp from the sol 10 dvd. 
> Initially, that worked with an osol 2008.05 (??).  But I was testing distros and wiped it clean. 
> Now I realize, that openindiana is probably the best choice for this machine.  Since, it is going to
> be a glassfish/mysql server.  Now trying to do the same trick with the openindiana cd and I get an
> 'unable to process data stream' when I try to install the packages.  The directories were copied
> from the sol 10 dvd to /var/spool/pkg directory.  Is the openindiana incompatible with sol 10 svr4
> packages or should I use sxce?  Several people mentioned better luck using sxce.  If anyone knows
> where I can get a copy of sxce -- since it went the way of the do-do bird.  Did download the driver
> from adaptec for solaris 8 -- you can trick it to see the drives, but it will timeout for a complete
> install is made.  And yes, I have heard the upgrade hardware clause -- but it is a dual xeon 2.8
> with 8gig of memory and 6 x 150gig 10k rpm.  So, initially, it is worth salvaging
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