[OpenIndiana-discuss] Good SLOG devices?

Ivar Janmaat ijanmaat at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 2 00:31:36 UTC 2011

Yes, would be interested in an acard.
But my primairy project is boosting performance on a x4150 system which 
is used for storing iscsi targets.
Oracle VDI Windows images to be exact.
I don't see the acard and the ddrdrive work in a X4150.

I was thinking of inserting a OCZ Vertex 2 Pro Series SAS 6.0 2.5" 50 GB 
SSD or the regular Oracle 32 GB SSD and use it as a ZIL.
Then install Nexentastor and see what will happen.
I was under the impression that  ZIL data is checksummed and the ZIL 
device is offlined if it contains to many errors.
That means that if the SSD is worn out it needs to be replaced but no 
real harm is done.
Am I correct?

With a mtbf of 10 milj. hours (1141 years) for the OCZ ssd I thought I 
give it a try.
I see from the graphs in your links that I don't need to expect the 
50.000 write iops.
The avarage is more around the 4 - 5 K iops. (inline with the enterprise 
But that will be sufficient for what I need.

The fact that zfs does not use the TRIM function bothers me a bit.
Can you tell me a bit more about the real life effects of this?

Kind regard,


wessels schreef:
> the difference can be largely explained by the type of memory used: MLC and SLC
> please google this and read the links I posted earlier, it'll make
> your choice easier.
> @Ivar. If you're interesested in the potential hard to find acard
> drives I can help you with a supplier.

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