[OpenIndiana-discuss] Setup serial console on ttyc (the third serial port)

Andrew Gabriel illumos at cucumber.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 13:06:09 UTC 2011

wessels wrote:
> Goodmorning,
> The output you requested is below.
> As stated before grub works fine on the third port with these lines:
> serial --unit=2 --speed=9600 --word=8 --parity=no --stop=1
> terminal --timeout=30 serial

There are 3 ways (that I can think of) for an OS to identify if a system 
has com1-4, and grub probably doesn't do it exactly the same as Solaris, 
so grub seeing it is no guarantee Solaris will.

However, your ls and prtconf -v shows that Solaris has found it in the 
ACPI tables, so that part is OK.

> Can you confirm a few thing for me?

I can't because the work was never done before.
They were what I was aware needed doing.

> -consplat.c is the only file which needs patching?

It would be useful to see the webrev, to see if something doesn't look 

> -kernel/misc/consconfig and kernel/misc/amd64/consconfig are the only
> two binaries which need to be updated
> -for testing only the two consconfig files can be replaced by copying
> them from the proto area. No additional steps need to be done, like
> creating a new BE. Nor do any other files need to be updated.

You will probably need to rebuild the boot archive.

> -the correct kernel line in menu.lst should look like this:
> kernel$ /platform/i86pc/kernel/$ISADIR/unix -k -B $ZFS-BOOTFS,console=ttyc
> Lastly can you help me build consconfig without running nightly.sh?
> That will save quite some time.

I don't understand what you did if you haven't built it already. Did you 
patch the binary? If so, in what way?

I'm out of date on the current build process. Hopefully someone else can.


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