[OpenIndiana-discuss] Solaris Express server name broadcast

Gregory Youngblood gregory at youngblood.me
Sun Mar 6 16:13:55 UTC 2011

One of the things I enjoyed seeing on this list were the open way solaris 10 and Solaris express 11 related questions were answered. We were showing ourselves to be an open and helpful community.  That is important because it will attract  people. I also knew there was going to be point where this would become an issue. 

Rather than give these people the cold shoulder,  i think the best idea so far has been, and forgive me for not remembering who made the suggestion, to answer these people with (a)  a small paragraph explaining this is not a solaris list,  _and_ (b)  the answer if it were out.and perhaps a small line explaining that for the moment this answer may help buy as oi evolved and grows, differences between oi and Solaris will likely increase. 

For now the two are closely related enough that much will probably help that person,  we are perceived as more or less helpful and hopefully continue to build and maintain the reputation of being a community that welcomes new members of all abilities. This will be important in order to grow the community and install base. 

Plus it has the added side effect of filling out archives with answers that hopefully help oi users. 

Finally, due to the current close relationship between the old and the new, there are still several times where people reference back to related documents for assistance. I think it's rather poor form to do that and then effectively shut the door hard on those that happen to ask for help. 

As people feel alienated they will begin to vote with their feet. We should not slam the door on their toes and tell them they are not welcome.  Remember, as oi gains traction we will probably see more of this as people in the os community look for where to go for help now that is is dead. If we ship them down in their first exposure to our community then ultimately we will be the ones to lose when we fail to help our community grow. In os projects,  as in many areas,  stagnation tends to lead to death. 

Well this grew longer than I meant for it too.  


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