[OpenIndiana-discuss] [illumos-Developer] Unable to boot OpenIndiana on my dell studio 1450

Nikola M. minikola at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 06:55:40 UTC 2011

I upgraded before from OpenSolaris snv_134 to OI_147 and it can boot and 
working untill screen freezes, because of i915 snv_132+ X bug (i945 Dell 
Latitude D620Nbook), so I mostly was spending time in snv_131 that is 
last version that does not freeze X after some time.

After several trying to upgrade from oi_147 to oi_148, oi_148 will not 
(have done oi_148 upgrade 3 times, always thinking it is something wrong 
with upgrade etc.
Last I tried is to upgrade directly from snv_134 BE that I kept to 
oi_148 and again, it won't boot.

How do I get oi_148a publisher, with IllumOS base, to try to upgrade 
from oi_147 or snv_134?
Is it better to try to upgrade from 134b instead?

I have turned ON virtual consoles in OpenSolaris when they are 
introduced and they were working untill I installed Openindiana I think.
Does virtual consoles work on oi_148 and might they be the trouble?

 From where do I get system log from the BE that stopped booting?
(And from where to grab them after -v option is put on GRUB)
I got some interesting error messages from oi_148 upgraded from 134, 
about some IDE device, I think.

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