[OpenIndiana-discuss] pkg breaks the connection during Open Solaris upgrade

Witek Świerzy wswier at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 00:48:30 UTC 2011


I am trying to upgrade my Open Solaris instalation (snv_111b)
to build 134, but pkg breaks the connection time after time
with 503 error (service not available).
I understand, that this situation is caused by overloading the
server, where I download the software from, but - would it be
possible to add a simple option to pkgadd (for example --retry)
to avoid this situation ?
Although it would be possible to place the pkg call in a shell
loop, it is not the exact solution, as every single call checks
the downloaded software and "creates the plan" from the beginning ...

By the way : I have tried to install the Open Indiana on this laptop
(hp compaq 6530b), but the Live DVD hangs during booting
(without any message, but I suspect, that it can be related to
its damned ethernet card - bge driver).
Generally - the only working distribution I have found at the time
is snv_111b, well, almost - see BTW no 2, below ...

By the way no 2 : I am trying to upgrade the installation, as
snv_111b Gnome very often hangs after logging in...
Everything else works OK - for example, You can log from
other machine into the system via ssh without any problems.

Witek Swierzy

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