[OpenIndiana-discuss] Linux vs. Solaris (Oh please...)

Lou Picciano loupicciano at comcast.net
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Yes... And, as long as we're generating this confluence of various 'Memory Lanes', let's not forget how close to all this NeXT stuff Steve Jobs was, while he was on the outs with Apple, and how instrumental he was in moving the ball forward, no matter on which field that ball was being played... 

I think there is indeed a 'Take Home' for OpenIndiana, and it probably has nothing to do with this Linux _vs_ Solaris argument, but probably _everything_ to do with both Linux _and_ Solaris (or, least OpenSolaris), considered together... 

I rrespective of how good it may/may not have been (articulate religious argument of your choosing here), i t's nonetheless very likely NeXTSTEP would have died a slow death without a clear, directed branding and evangelism. How 'good' it was turned out to be a very distant consideration, taken in context. 

I think one could go on to make the case that both Linux and OpenSolaris suffer(ed) from a lack of a unified, clear vision... 

On the other hand, what has Apple done? Does anyone remember the rollout of Apple's first attempt at 'offering' UNIX to Mac OS users, and how _warmly_ that was received? (I remember it as if it was yesterday, I'm embarrassed to say. I may have even thrown some of the tomatoes.) 

So then, fast forward, throw NeXTSTEP into the mix, and brew up OS X. Could we argue that it's a lot of the same stuff all of you are already very well familiar with, but with perhaps the best 'packaging' and 'branding' in the industry's history? And how did Apple get all those decidedly non-nix users switched over to UNIX, most of them none the wiser for it, while still garnering - and even growing - some of the highest brand-loyalty rates in the industry? Talk about 'quantum leaps', 'paradigm shifts', - again, insert buzzwords of choice! 

Hmmm... So what conclusions might we draw from all this? 

I'll make the same assertions: OpenIndiana is at a crucial point. Believe that the world is watching. What we do next will determine its future. And how we respond to these questions about interoperability, ease of adoption, etc., will be a big part of the 'difference'. 

I'd suggest we drop the discussions about which command-line is more purist, better, or will lower cholesterol, and take the very, very long view. 

Lou Picciano 

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OSX is based on nextstep 
SUN developed it to its next release called OPENSTEP 
It was later on purchased by Apple 

The world is small, isnt it? 

Openings seem to close by business nature. 


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> Hey, Apple is UNIX (http://www.opengroup.org/openbrand/register/brand3555.htm). 
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